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Pinterest Marketing Guide – 5 Tips for Getting Started

By Marina Antestenis, May 1, 2015

Last year, with over 97% year-over-year growth in monthly active users, Pinterest cemented itself as the fastest growing Social Media site in the U.S. With such a big opportunity for brands to connect with consumers, is it time to start marketing your business on Pinterest? Follow these 5 steps from our recent Pinterest Marketing webinar to get started: Create Compelling Content First and foremost, a successful Pinterest strategy must center on creating compelling visual content. Unlike most other Social Media…

Increase Your Reach | Link Up!

By Julianna Vorhaus, April 23, 2015

Reach is one of the most important metrics brands consider when selecting influencers they want to work with on campaigns, but growing your reach isn’t always easy. We want you, our influencers, to share the best posts about growing reach on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and YouTube! Link up your favorite posts, by you or a friend, here. Don’t stop there, if you read a post that you find valuable, leave a comment. We’ll be sharing the best posts…

How Social Influencers Are Changing The Fashion World

By Julianna Vorhaus, April 22, 2015

         Whether you diligently follow the fashion world or just check out magazine covers when you’re standing in line at Target, you’ll probably notice something subtly out of character about February’s issue of Lucky, March’s issue of Marie Claire, and April’s issue of Vogue Espana.  The cover girls aren’t traditional models, actresses, or big screen celebrities. They are fashion bloggers with a firm grip on the interests of fashion fans around the world. And they are one of many reasons…

5 Critical Worksheets for Building an Influencer Marketing Strategy

By Marina Antestenis, April 21, 2015

We’re often asked, “I love the idea of influencer marketing. But how do I get started?” There’s much to consider when building an influencer marketing strategy including your target audience, goals, marketing vehicles, and, of course, identifying the perfect influencers that will best engage your audience. Like any successful marketing strategy, you need to think influencer marketing through carefully and that’s where our workbook “How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy” can help. We captured the key questions we ask our…