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TapInfluence Brings Influencer Marketing to Content Marketing World 2014

By Rustin Banks, September 5, 2014

While much progress can be made with professional and partnership relationships online, nothing compares to meeting your peers face-to-face.  We’re all busy. There are contracts to draft, campaigns to approve, roadmaps to build, and teams to manage. So when it comes to taking time to attend conferences and industry events, I choose my battles wisely. When it comes to participating in strategic conversations about the content marketing space, Content Marketing World is on the top of the list. Hosted by…

Building Influencer Lists

By Rustin Banks, July 31, 2014

The TapInfluence marketplace contains thousands of high-quality influencers.  In addition, brands and agencies can import their own private influencers into our platform.  As you search through these influencers you may want a way to keep track of them all.  You may also have custom data on influencers (such as who owns an RV?) and want an easy way to tag influencers with that data. Introducing Influencer Lists, an easy way to tag any private or marketplace influencer and organize them into…

Beware Of Influencer Marketing Landmines

By Holly Hamann, June 18, 2014

In theory, the idea of collaborating with social influencers to scale the creation and distribution of content sounds great. Online influencers are people who create and share interesting or valuable content with the niche audiences that follow them. They might be bloggers with large readerships or socially savvy consumers with loyal followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. Influencers are trusted by their audiences and typically focus on a particular area like food, parenting, fitness, fashion, entertainment or technology. It’s…

Transparency is Key

By Justin Gritzmacher, June 6, 2014

Below is part eight in our series of blog posts about Amplifying your Content Marketing with Influencers. Today, we take a quick aside for a brief lesson in media law. It’s important for both influencers and brands to be aware of these policies when crafting sponsored content. Want to skip ahead? Download our free eBook now.   When writing sponsored posts, it’s good practice to include a disclosure. Here, we’ll cover some important guidelines for including disclosures in your sponsored posts.  …