On Pinterest: The Best Tips, Tools, and Resources

If you research Pinterest statistics, trends, or facts, most articles lead to the following conclusion: Pinterest is driving purchaser behavior every day.

According to Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey, food related content was the most popular content that consumers interacted with on Pinterest, followed by home, arts/crafts, and style/fashion. In addition the survey found that about 25% of consumers reported purchasing a product after discovering it on Pinterest. And there are new tools and strategies emerging every day to help content creators and brands tap into this powerful network.

For example, Pinerly provides tools and analytics to help users maximize the impact of the visual content they’re sharing on Pinterest. As of July 2012, Pinerly had 13,000 beta testers and a wait-list of 65,000 (Source: Plug and Play), which shows just how eager brands and users are to measure, track, and analyze the success of their Pinterest campaigns and strategies.

The point is…. Pinterest is on to something. It’s disrupting the world of Social Media, bringing in completely new users that have not previously interacted with Social Media.  So how do all the influencers out there utilize Pinterest the best way possible? To keep it simple, follow these five basic tips:

  1. Make sure all of your pins link back to your original blog posts
  2. Watermark your images (we often forget to do this!)
  3. Share something valuable – after all, that’s what influencing is all about, right?
  4. Post images that are visually appealing (they’re far more likely to be re-pinned)
  5. Explore! Check out how companies and influencers who are in your niche (or that you just plain love) are using Pinterest boards in creative, successful ways. It may spark a brilliant marketing strategy for your brand.

Now that we have a few tips, here are some of my top reads on Pinterest strategies, best practices, and worthwhile content:

  1. The Blog Maven – a blog devoted to free blogging tips, tutorials, and deals. I highly recommend reading her 9 effective strategies for bringing Pinterest users to your blog in her post, “Creating Content Pintererst Users will Love.” For her Ultimate Guide, check out her series on “Growing Your Blog with Pinterest.”
  2. On the other hand, If you’re looking to increase your Pinterest activity and following, read this Social Media Examiner article on “6 Ways to Drive more Pinterest Engagement.”
  3. If you’re interested in learning how to create better content to pin, check out Social Media Today’s article on “5 Tools to Create Images for Pinterest.”

With each platform carving out its own niche or value, Social Media continues to evolve and develop. Perhaps Pinterest will be the future Social Media platform of choice for both online influencers and brand marketers alike. How will you stand-out amongst the millions of Pinterest Users?

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