Influencer marketing
made easy.

Manage it, master it, scale it. Tapinfluence software makes it easy for you to find the right influencers, publish content, and measure your success.

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Find & Activate Your Key Influencers.

They have the built-in audiences you want, with the credibility you need, and the personality their fans enjoy – it’s the right combination for creating connections.

  • Shop the marketplace of influencers

    Be picky. With TapInfluence’s software, you can choose among thousands of influential content creators, each with a built-in (and verified) audience. Use it as you need it, or bring your own content creators.

  • Create Content Assignments

    Define your content objectives and get in action. Make them funny, sunny, savvy, saucy, inspiring, informative, or just outright novel – but make it happen here, fast.

  • Invite & Collaborate

    Have your assignment and your influencers? Now mobilize them with one-click invitations.

  • Set Your Calendar

    Schedule posts automatically across timeframes and influencers, and get everyone synched to your marketing beat.

  • Search

    Choose market influencers through fast, simple searches by demographics, category, keyword, reach, location, and much more.

Publish your content on multiple channels.

That’s what makes influencers influential – their ability to amplify stories, images, and ideas. They share and distribute, turning quality posts into enthusiastic streams of tweets, likes, shares, clicks, pins and more!

  • Scale Your Distribution

    With our influencer marketing software, you will be able to amplify the reach of your content as influencers and their built-in followings share your content to a collective audience of millions.

  • Review content

    Have legal to worry about? No problem! TapInfluence gives you the ability to check content in draft mode. Get a sneak peek before the content goes live and be sure it’s good to go.

  • Auto-share to social media

    Push your content to multiple channels automatically through easy-to-use social media sharing tools.

  • Monitor content status

    Our software allows you to stay informed when content goes live and follow the engagement: likes, comments, shares, retweets, pins, and more.

  • Turn it always-on

    Activate at the flip of a switch so you can think outside of the “campaign” box and become more nimble in getting the word out anytime and all the time.

Measure your effectiveness.

When people talk, so do the numbers. Loudly. Yes, TapInfluence’s software gives you access to all the stats you need to quantify the success of your influencer marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for insights on content that’s gone viral, or want to see the top-performing influencers, or you have to put a dollar value on all that earned media – we’ve got you covered.

  • Track pixels and clicks

    See and record how viewers are engaging with your content.

  • Get social Insights

    Receive precise reporting on your social engagement.

  • Measure real-time performance

    Discover what’s happening with your social content – right now.

  • Calculate Total Media Value

    Automatically analyze your real dollar return on influencer investment.

  • Identify top performers

    Garner insight on the content and creators that are pushing your influencer pedal to the metal.


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