The TapInfluence Marketplace Featuring: Run Wifey Run

She’s been running marathons for years,  but we love Lorraine from Run Wifey Run because she’s running in our Influencer Circle!

Last week, as part of our a program we ran with our Marketplace members, Lorraine shared how brands, bloggers, and social media influence her:

“I began working with TapInfluence crew last year. I continued to work with them because I appreciate the effort they make to match brands with bloggers that are a good fit, a real fit for the brand and the blogger. I also appreciate that they understand if I pass on a project (even though it seems like a fit) if it doesn’t speak to me or my readers; and they happily come back to me when they have one that does. ”

You can read more of Lorraine’s feedback here and if you’re interested in joining The TapInfluence Marketplace, feel free to fill out our application!

Written by

Kathy Bouska

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