Michelle Dziuban - December 1, 2016

10 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2017

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Today we’re thrilled to unveil our annual influencer marketing predictions for digital marketers about the state of the influencer marketing industry.

Influencer marketing was one of the hottest trends in the marketing in 2016. Heading into the new year, it will move from a trend to a necessity, for any brand that wants to rise above the noise and keep their head in the game.

In an eMarketer survey, 84 percent of marketers expected to take on influencer marketing in 2016. With more brands setting aside influencer marketing budget than ever before, it’s important to look into the future and plan ahead. Tapping into proven marketing tactics presents a big opportunity to reach consumers and drive sales. How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?


To help inform your 2017 digital marketing strategy, we’ve identified our top influencer marketing predictions in the infographic below.



Traditional advertising isn’t paying the dividends it once did. Our CEO, Promise Phelon, said it best:

Consumers don’t listen to brands because they’re not human. Influencers are real people, and that’s why they are able to engage their audiences.”

Here at Tap, we’ve been redefining how marketers and brands reach consumers since 2009, and as marketers rush to make a permanent home for influencer marketing in their marketing strategy, 2017 will be no exception.


Michelle Dziuban (Joo-bin) is the Manager of Marketing Communications at TapInfluence. A recent transplant from Chicago, you can find her enjoying all that Colorado has to offer or on her yoga mat (#Namaslay). Follow her on Twitter@dziubs.