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Holly Hamann - May 29, 2015

Top 10 Viners You Need to Follow

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Looking for the next big social marketing platform? Since launching at the beginning of 2013, Vine has exploded into a vibrant community with a focus on one thing: the 6 second video. Though this self-limiting media format seemed like a crazy idea when Vine first launched (remember how silly the 140 character rule seemed too?), over 40 million Viners including comedians, artists, musicians, dancers, DIY experts, athletes, and actors are now actively generating 6 second videos for the world to see.

Twitter bought Vine in 2012, even before its official launch, and brands have been waiting ever since for official advertising opportunities on the site. Until then, brand marketers have instead connected with agencies like Viral Nation to recruit top Viners for Influencer Marketing campaigns. If you check out the profiles of the top Vine stars, you’ll see that all of them have a way to contact them for business opportunities. Early-adopter brand marketers understand the potential of marketing on this platform, and Viners are cashing in.

If you are an influencer trying to make a name for yourself on Vine, check out these Top 10 Viners to see what makes them so successful.

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#10 – Alx James

Followers: 7.9 million

Loops: +2.3 billion

Many of Alx James’ vines are set inside his car, with or without friends, remarking on the latest pop culture trends. Like other Top 10 Viners, Alx James has signed on to a reality T.V. show with producer Collins Avenue, who is hoping that he can capitalize on Alx’s already 7.9 million Vine followers.

#9 – Cameron Dallas

Followers: 7.6 million Loops: +2 billion Cameron Dallas is best known for his pranks and antics, like the time he got arrested for painting his apartment and everyone else inside of it. Turns out the arrest was just for the video, but Cameron does seem to push the limits with his suburban friends and family. Some of his videos, like the one below, remind us of another prankster who turned his antics into millions of dollars–Bam Margera.    

#8 – Logan Paul

Followers: 8.7 million

Loops: +3.6 billion

Logan is a man of the Vine people, and most of his videos feature his fellow Vine stars including King Bach, Jake Paul, and Rudy Mancuso. In fact, Logan appears to be the best networked Viner in the Top 10, appearing in vines with everyone but Jerome and Brittany. His top Vine, an imitation of WWE Wrestling legend Randy Orton, should give you a good sense of what has placed him on the Top 10 list.

#7 – Jerry Purpdrank

Followers: 8.7 million

Loops: +3.6 billion

Jerry Purpdrank has amassed almost 8 million followers by recording his commentary on today’s most important issues like texting etiquette, what to do when someone is talking to your crush, and whether or not light-up shoes are cool. He’s on to something big, because he’s signed up for a T.V. comedy series produced by former The Office star, Rainn Wilson. 

#6 – Josh Peck

Followers: 8.9 million Loops: +1.9 billion Josh Peck is one of the few Vine stars who can boast that he was a star before making it big on the platform. Josh is best known for playing character “Josh Nichols” on the hit Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh. A lot of his comedy focuses on erasing the nice guy reputation he built up on the show and family-oriented network, as well as lampooning other current T.V. shows. It remains to be seen if Josh will be content to focus his time and attention on being a purely online star.  

#5 – Rudy Mancuso

Followers: 9.6 million

Loops: +3.6 billion

Rudy is one of the only top Viners who successfully mixes his musical and comedy skills together for his work. Mancuso can be seen frequently with other Top 10 Viners including King Bach and Logan Paul, often times playing the “little guy.” What Rudy lacks in stature, he makes up for in his acting chops. Expect big things from him over the next few years as his reach grows past 10 million followers.

#4 – Lele Pons

Followers: 9.7 million Loops: +7.2 billion Lele Pons is another international Viner who has made a name for herself by playing off of her eclectic family. Many of her vines contain videos of her pulling practical jokes and lampooning Venezuelan customs that may seem unfamiliar to many Americans. She is a great voice for both women and latin viewers on the platform, and can be seen in plenty of videos with the other Top 10 stars.  

#3 – Brittany Furlan

Followers: +9.7 million

Loops: +3.9 billion

Through well-timed commentary and recurring characters like her dim-witted roommate, “Barbie,” Brittany Furlan has established herself as the most popular female Viner in the world (and one of only two women in the Top 10). In fact, though her follower count puts her at #3, she is actually #2 in total loops. Her comedic chops are being recognized and she recently landed a new sketch comedy show produced by Seth Green.


#2 – Nash Grier

Followers: 12.2 million Loops: +3.2 billion Nash Grier has built up a loyal following with vines of skateboarding accidents, pool basketball dunks with Justin Bieber, purposefully bad dancing to hit songs, and hilarious commentary on teenage news (like Zayne leaving One Direction). He’s got a huge reach among younger millennials, and has already done campaigns for brands like McDonald’s.  

#1 – Andrew Bachelor AKA King Bach

Followers: 14.2 million

Loops: +5.2 billion

Like many Viners, King Bach is a multi-platform star, with significant followers of Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat as well. But Vine is where he has really excelled, with over 4 billion loops and 12.3 million followers. Bachelor has also done a great job networking with other Vine stars, and together he has collaborated on some of the most popular vines ever. Expect King Bach to continue leading and mentoring other Viners as he grows his outstanding following.

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