Nelson Esseveld - May 15, 2017

Expert Interview Series: Katie McBroom of Martinis And Mascara About How She Utilizes Her Influencer Knowledge and Experience to Educate and Entertain Her Readers


Katie McBroom is an award-winning blogger, passionate social media strategist and experienced freelance writer based in New York City. We recently had a chance to sit down with Katie to learn about what makes her blog special and find out...

Expert Interview Series: Puneet Aggarwal of nirogam.com on Sharing the Value of Ayurvedic Medicine Via Influencers


Puneet Aggarwal is the founder of Nirogam India, and a herbalist. He has been spearheading the marketing efforts of Nirogam,...

Expert Interview Series: Christine Mikesell of 15 Minute Beauty About What Goes Into Being a Beauty and Fashion Influencer


Christine Mikesell is a full-time physician, mom, and beauty blogger – which means she has become an expert on beauty regimens...

Expert Interview Series: Giorgia Guazzarotti of Beautiful with Brains About Beauty Blogging and Being a Web Influencer


Giorgia Guazzarotti is the founder and editor of Beautiful with Brains, a beauty blog that helps women make sense of...

Show and Tell with Beauty Influencers in 2017

BeautyFor Brands

2016 saw a boom in influencer marketing strategies and influencer generated content, and 2017 promises to deliver even more. Expect to see...