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Francesca Cruz - February 8, 2017

Influencer Content: Big Game Leads to Big Engagement

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As a native Bostonian and diehard Patriots fan, last weekend was nothing short of spectacular. Tom Brady’s 5th Super Bowl ring wasn’t the only reason to celebrate. Influencer content from past campaigns also made a dramatic comeback. Using...

Finding Influencers: #1 Challenge Solved

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Once upon a time, finding influencers required tons of time and effort. It was an extensive and manual process of...

Why Your B2B Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work (& how to fix it)

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You have probably heard us say this before: consumers do not trust brands. As businesses are inherently also consumers, they...

Retail Marketing Turns to Influencers

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Retail marketing is turning to influencers. For more than 50 years, retail marketers enjoyed a distinct advantage when it came to...

TapInsider: Influencer Marketing News, December 2017

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>> 2017 – the year of Influencer Marketing << The holidays are upon us and “tis the season for influencer...