How to repurpose your content marketing

Joseph Cole - May 17, 2017

Repurposing Your Influencer Marketing Content for Maximum Value

Influencer Marketing

You’ve heard it many times: reuse, reduce, recycle. Did you know that this piece of advice doesn’t just apply to aluminum cans and plastic water bottles? You can repurpose your influencer marketing content to increase its value to...

6 Tips for Spotting a Social Media Influencer

Influencer Marketing

Before you delve into the world of influencer-generated content, you need to know the answer to an essential question: What...

Marketers are in Love with Influencer Marketing – Here’s Why

Influencer Marketing

Believe it or not, influencer marketing has been around for much longer than the internet. Before you could watch kitten...

What Is Influencer-Generated Content?

Influencer Marketing

You already know what an influencer does, but what is influencer-generated content (IGC)? Specifically, what does IGC look like on...

4 Influencer Marketing FAQs

Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t dipped your toes into the influencer marketing pool, now’s the time to get your feet...