Nelson Esseveld - May 15, 2017

Expert Interview Series: Katie McBroom of Martinis And Mascara About How She Utilizes Her Influencer Knowledge and Experience to Educate and Entertain Her Readers


Katie McBroom is an award-winning blogger, passionate social media strategist and experienced freelance writer based in New York City. We recently had a chance to sit down with Katie to learn about what makes her blog special and find out how she works to position herself as an exceptional influencer in a crowded field of beauty and fashion blogs.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What made you decide to start a blog?

I launched Martinis and Mascara in February of 2012. Prior to launching the blog, I was reviewing beauty products for a newspaper. When our beauty and fashion section was discontinued, I launched the blog to get my beauty writing fix.

Since you’ve acquired a lot of experience reviewing and critiquing beauty and fashion products, how do you leverage that knowledge through your blog to separate yourself from the “wannabe” beauty bloggers?

I think being knowledgeable about what you’re writing about is incredibly important for any blogger. Readers look to you to be an expert in the space, so I make it a point to consistently continue my education. I have a professional makeup certification and am also a licensed cosmetologist, so I try to always lean into what I’ve learned to ensure I’m providing quality advice. I even went to bartending school to round out my education in the “martinis” aspect of my blog as well!

Describe the typical reader of your blog. What do you try to offer her?

A typical reader of my blog is a woman between 18 and 34 who loves to discover new products and wants to better herself so she can live her best life. She’s craving content that will help her learn, but in a fun and entertaining way. I try to offer advice in a positive way to spread the message that there is not just one type of beauty or one way you “should” live your life.

What’s the biggest myth about the fashion or beauty industry? 

I think it’s a common misconception that the beauty and fashion industries are centered around vanity. Sure, there are some people who take it to a negative place, but I prefer to look at beauty as a way to instill confidence, feel empowered, and have fun.

Do you proactively try to pitch and establish relationships with other publications and blogs, or do they generally come to you seeking a partnership?

They generally come to me when seeking a partnership, but I do hope to become more proactive and actively pitch myself more in the future.

As a beauty and fashion influencer, what value do you think you can provide to a brand or publication that other influencers can’t?

I think my practical hands-on background in beauty combined with a fresh perspective from multiple sides of the industry can provide value to brands and publications.

What do you most like about working with beauty brands?

I love to try new products to share with my readers, of course! I also genuinely enjoy establishing these relationships so there is that direct line of communication to get more information about news and products from the brand itself. I truly love co-creating content with brands I’m passionate about.

In the future, how do you plan to grow your public profile even larger than it is today? 

I hope to focus on creating more quality content that my readers love and to dial up my posting frequency to try and expand my public profile. I currently contribute to a few different publications and would love to branch out to additional ones as well so that I can reach an even larger audience.

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