Is your Influencer Content
Marketing Compliant?
50% of Brands Aren’t!


Enter: The World’s First Automated FTC Compliance Tool for Influencer Marketing and Social Media.

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In a recent survey of over 100 global brands and 1,800 influencers we found some shocking news:

  • Only 52% of marketers always ask that ads follow FTC guidelines
  • Roughly 34.1% ask for adherence on occasion
  • Almost 13% of marketers completely ignore FTC compliance
  • 9 in 10 marketers are not aware of FTC rules 

FTC fines are serious, they’re expensive and can destroy your brand’s credibility. We’ve got your back. Make sure you register so your name is added to the wait list. The FTC Auditor will confirm whether your most critical content meets FTC compliance guidelines. 

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