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The influence economy has changed the way we buy things—forever. Our Influencer Marketing Survival Kit helps you navigate this brave new world.

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No matter what your brand is about, influencer marketing is the most effective way to tell your story. Celebrities and brand advocates aren't enough; you need influencer marketing to ensure your message is heard by the right audience, through all of the noise. Our Influencer Marketing Survival Kit helps you attract new customers, increase repeat purchases, drive customer loyalty, and maximize lifetime revenue.

Searching for the latest official influencer marketing statistics? We’ve got you covered.

The ultimate list of Influencer Marketing Statistics is the quintessential guide to influencer marketing statistics, content marketing statistics and social media statistics.

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The Influencer
Marketing Manifesto

Why the future of Influencer Marketing starts with people and relationships, not popularity. Learn how to support your marketing and ROI through influencers.

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10 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2017

Your guide to top trends for 2017 and how to integrate them into a powerful influencer marketing strategy that supports your digital strategy.

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“This completely automated platform allows a brand to post a new campaign — along with requirements, images, time frame, specs for influencers, and other factors — that sifts the approximately 25,000 registered social media influencers for the most appropriate purveyors.”

– Barry Levine
Senior Writer // VentureBeat






“TapInfluence also works with the Nielsen Catalina Solutions to provide its clients with attribution data on the conversions driven by each campaign and influencer. This includes return-on-investment data for both online and in-store transactions.”

– Patience Higgins
Reporter // The Wall Street Journal






“TapInfluence ties in-store sales lift to influencer marketing. The $285 incremental sales per 1,000 pageviews from influencer marketing combined with a continually decreasing CPM, resulted in 11 times the ROI over average display ads annually.”

– Brand Share //





Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need To Buy Smart

This guide will show you how Influencer Marketing Automation removes 90% of the most common barriers to creating meaningful influencer relationships. Get your copy for expert advice on how to select the right Influencer Marketing solution for your company.

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