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Get started today with our powerful platform that delivers Influencer
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Affordable Way to Get Started

An affordable way to integrate your influencer efforts into your marketing mix.

Standard Includes

  • Access to Influencer Marketplace
  • Influencer Identification + Activation
  • Content Scheduling + Workflow
  • Measurement, Reporting + Analytics
  • Disclosures, Compliance + Payment Handling
  • Standard Support



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Customized to scale your success with influencer marketing.

Includes Standard Plus

  • Enterprise Onboarding
  • Integration Support
  • Strategic Account Manager
  • Access to Influencer Strategists
  • Private Cloud



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Make influencer marketing a revenue stream for your agency.

Helps Agencies

  • Pitch and win clients with influencer marketing
  • Execute influencer marketing at scale
  • Estimate accurately, and deliver consistent ROI
  • Learn best practices from an experienced partner

Our View On Pricing

Authenticity is at the heart of customer communications. We practice it and we preach it, it’s why we do what we do. We see the value in engaging consumers in the ways they choose to communicate. To that end, we are disrupting the marketer driven landscape to create real results through genuine authentic messaging. Consumers are more informed, influencers are able to monetize a passion, and brands are able to quickly scale meaningful messaging that supports company goals. TapInfluence is an investment in marketing credibility, and our pricing structure enables us to invest and evolve our platform to provide a great customer experience.