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How do you find the right influencers? That’s the number one challenge marketers identify with influencer marketing. But it’s not just finding influencers, it’s finding the right influencers who also want to work for your brand. Influencer discovery gives you a 360 degree perspective on the influencer so you’re guaranteed the best match possible with your brand. It’s also really easy, you get results within seconds.

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What are the best practices for working with influencers? How do you work with influencers? How much do you pay influencers? All very good questions. Workflow was built with convenience in mind so you know exactly how to run an influencer marketing program from creative briefing, content creation, promotion, and how much to pay.

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What are the right influencer marketing KPIs? How do I measure success across multiple platforms? What are the right influencer marketing benchmarks? We got your back and measure everything including reach, views, media value, conversion and ROI. We also have cross platform and industry benchmarks. We’re marketers and we know how hard it is to prove marketing investment.

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Creating content, finding the right influencers and measuring success are only one part of the formula. Success can’t be had if your content isn’t getting out in front of the right people at the right time. TapInfluence has a built in cross platform content distribution tool optimized for performance.

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Over eight years of data, used by over 500 of the world's top brands and the biggest baddest agencies. TapInfluence is the only IGC engine to prove:

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“TapFire has changed the way we utilize influencer marketing with our clients. In the past we’ve struggled to get our small to mid-size brands to invest, but now our clients of all sizes are leveraging relevant influencers to amplify their best content. They’re blown away by the effectiveness and immediacy of the results.”

TEEM Ali Kennedy VP of Client Services

“TapFire is the perfect addition to our marketing mix. It was easy to use and our campaign resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic and sales. We weren’t sure how to approach influencer marketing, but we reached a whole new set of customers thru TapFire’s influencer network and are totally sold on its value.”

Barefoot Provisions Hilary Bromberg The Leading Paleo/Primal Online Store

“Working with TapInfluence gives us the tools to find the right influencers to advocate for our brands. The platform allows us to track actual, real-time results, which means no more estimates! And since the content lives beyond the campaign we continue to see engagement and value grow over time.”

White Wave Food Lori Ulanoff Digital Marketing Manager

“The TapInfluence platform has changed the way agencies and brands track and report influencer campaigns. It has elevated our productivity, allowed us to seamlessly scale, and provides unprecedented reporting to our clients.”

MtoM Consulting Tracey Harrington McCoy COO

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