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Guest Author - February 29, 2016

Top 10 Green Living Bloggers Who Are Inspiring Healthier Lives

Let’s face it—we can all do a better job keeping our bodies and environment healthier. The great news is that there is a huge community of green living bloggers who have dedicated their careers to sharing their advice on recipes, household cleaners, and sustainable living. Want to learn more about how you can start living healthier? Check out this list of the Top 10 Green Living Bloggers who are inspiring millions of people across the world to live greener lives that make themselves, and the environment, happier and healthier.

green living blogger kate taylor

#1) Kate Taylor

Kate is a self-taught photographer from Oklahoma who started Cookie and Kate in 2010. She now lives in Kansas City where she blogs full time about recipes, food policy, and nutrition. She focuses on vegetarian recipes and prioritizes foods that are as close to their source as possible. She’s clearly doing something right, as she’s built up the largest blog following on our list!

  • BlogCookie and Kate
  • Total Reach: 2,100,000+
  • Blog Reach: 2,000,000+
  • Instagram: 40,000+
  • Facebook: 33,000+
  • Twitter: 10,000+
  • Pinterest: 65,000+


green living blogger jeanette chen

#2) Jeanette Chen

After 17 years working in corporate finance, Jeanette made the decision to stay at home with her children and began blogging full-time with Jeanette’s Healthy Living. Her blog grew out of research she did while catering to friends and family members who had dietary restrictions due to various conditions and illnesses, and she decided to spread her knowledge by blogging and using social media. Today, she is one of our top Green Living bloggers, with the largest following on Google+!

  • Blog:  Jeanette’s Healthy Living
  • Total Reach: 1,400,000+
  • Blog Reach: 139,000+
  • Instagram: 1,000+
  • Facebook: 12,000+
  • Twitter: 4,000+
  • Pinterest: 135,000+
  • Google+: 1,100,000+


green living blogger cassie johnston

#3) Cassie Johnston

Cassie is a “mid-western girl” who grew up living a country life. After moving to the city with her husband, she realized that sticking to her country roots made her happier and healthier, and she now shares advice on composting, home-brewing, canning, and a host of other healthy “back to her roots” tips. She has developed one of the top blog followings on our list, with a reach of almost 1 million!

  • BlogBack to Hera Roots
  • Total Reach: 919,000+
  • Blog Reach: 879,000+
  • Instagram: 4,000+
  • Facebook: 17,000+
  • Twitter: 2,000+
  • Pinterest: 16,000+


green living blogger wendy polisi

#4) Wendy Polisi

In 2010, Wendy started a website called CookingQuinoa.net with the hopes of making a few hundred dollars a month so she could stay home with her young boys. After a host of blogs, ebooks, and print books, she realized that she needed to expand from her focus on quinoa, and started to share a variety of recipes and advice on her new website. Today, she has parlayed her wisdom into one of the largest Facebook followings of all the bloggers on our list, with almost 800,000!

  • Blog: WendyPolisi.com
  • Total Reach: 895,000+
  • Blog Reach: 93,000+
  • Facebook: 754,000+
  • Instagram: 5,000+
  • Twitter: 22,700+
  • Pinterest: 16,700+


green living blogger stephanie gerber

#5) Stephanie Gerber

Stephanie started blogging in 2011 to “rediscover her sense of self after becoming a mom.” Her posts focus on giving ideas and inspiration for natural beauty, style, and wellness, all with the goal of helping people live healthy lives. Her blog and Pinterest are the primary places where she reaches her audience, and those two platform combine for a reach of almost 800,000!

  • Blog: Hello Glow
  • Total Reach: 843,000+
  • Blog Reach: 729,000+
  • Facebook: 25,000+
  • Instagram: 21,000+
  • Pinterest: 59,000+
  • Twitter: 8,000+


green living blogger elana amsterdam

#6) Elana Amsterdam

Elana is the author of the New York Times Best Selling cookbook Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry, a labor of love that grew from her giving up grains in 2001 after being diagnosed with celiac disease. She is well-known as a pioneer of grain-free cooking and baking, and has devoted her career to helping others transition to a grain-free diet as well. In total, Elana reaches over 800,000 people between her blog and various social media pages.

  • BlogElana’s Pantry
  • Total Reach: 831,000+
  • Blog Reach: 481,000+
  • Facebook: 263,000+
  • Instagram: 24,000+
  • Pinterest: 34,000+
  • Twitter: 26,000+


green living blogger sarah ummyusuf

#7) Sarah UmmYusuf

Sarah started Nature’s Nurture in 2011 as a way to document her family’s transition into a more “natural, sustainable, and toxin-free environment.” Her personal philosophy can be summed up by: “Natural, Frugal, Sustainable, and Homemade” and she uses her blog to share advice on household cleaners, personal care products, and food recipes.

  • BlogNature’s Nurture
  • Total Reach: 644,000+
  • Blog Reach: 123,000+
  • Facebook: 505,000+
  • Twitter: 2,000+
  • Pinterest: 12,000+


green living blogger laura termini

#8) Laura Termini

Laura is an actress, speaker, and entrepreneur who now focuses her time on natural and organic living. Her blog and career is dedicated to inspiring sustainable, natural, and accessible lifestyle practices, which she does for people all across the world. Laura has built a huge following on Facebook, where she spreads her wisdom to almost 400,000 people.

  • Blog: Chicanol
  • Total Reach: 480,000+
  • Blog Reach: 65,000+
  • Facebook: 381,000+
  • Instagram: 10,000+
  • YouTube: 6,000+
  • Twitter: 14,000+
  • Pinterest: 2,000+


green living blogger beth manos brickey

#9) Beth Manos Brickey

Beth is an artist, certified yoga instructor, wellness warrior, adventurer, and is studying to become a Nutritional Therapist. Living in Southern California, she has been gluten-free for 10 years, and avoids processed/refined foods and is a self-described “conscientious omnivore.” In addition to Tasty Yummies, Beth contributes regularly to publications like Simply Gluten-Free Magazine, Huffington Post, Clean Eating Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Blog: Tasty Yummies
  • Total Reach: 479,000+
  • Blog Reach: 381,000+
  • Facebook: 30,000+
  • Instagram: 19,000+
  • Pinterest: 42,000+
  • Twitter: 5,000+


green living blogger maryea flaherty

#10) Maryea Flaherty

Maryea is a busy mom to two kids, but still manages to maintain a blog following of almost half a million! Her passion in life is “keeping her family healthy through nutritious, real food, and reducing their exposure to environmental toxins,” which was inspired by her mom’s fight with metastic cancer.  Today, she users her blog to help her readers live the healthiest and happiest lives they can.

  • BlogHappy Healthy Mama
  • Total Reach: 441,000+
  • Blog Reach: 414,000+
  • Facebook: 8,000+
  • Instagram: 2,000+
  • Pinterest: 15,000+
  • Twitter: 1,000+

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top 10 green living bloggers