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Guest Author - February 22, 2016

Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Do you sit in front of a computer all day dreaming about quitting your corporate job, selling all of your worldly possessions, and traveling the globe? Well, many of the bloggers on this list used to as well! These 10 travel bloggers have all eschewed a “regular” life and have dedicated themselves to traveling the world in search of inspiration and adventure. Check out their websites to inspire your own personal transformation (or just your next vacation)!

travel blogger cailin oneil

#1) Cailin O’Neil

Cailin started her travel blog back in 2009 as a way to keep her family updated about her travels. Eventually, it became a way to promote her travel videos, which she has used to garner over 4,000 subscribers on YouTube. Cailin is also a member of the Navigate Media Group and The Professional Travel Bloggers Association.

  • BlogTravel Yourself
  • Total Reach: 1,710,659+
  • Blog Reach: 4,500+
  • Instagram: 5,433+
  • Facebook: 6,792+
  • Twitter: 19,800+
  • Pinterest: 2,100+
  • Google+: 1,666,712+
  • YouTube: 4,781+
  • Vine: 541+


travel bloggers evo & sheila

#2) Evo Terra & Sheila Dee

Evo and Sheila are two of the newest bloggers on our list, having started their blog in January 2015. Last year, both decided to give up “normal” jobs and lives and adopted a “digital nomad lifestyle” so they could travel the world. They are off to a great start!

  • Blog:  The Opportunistic Travelers
  • Total Reach: 1,300,000+
  • Blog Reach: 1,400+
  • Instagram: 3,000+
  • Facebook: 800+
  • Twitter: 12,000+
  • Google+: 1,000,000+


travel blogger peter greenberg

#3) Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg has built a following that spans both T.V. and his blog. In addition to being the CBS travel editor for CBS News, his website has become a “leading travel news resource for consumers and industry insiders.” While he has strong followings across Social Media, he really stands out both on Twitter and Google+.

  • BlogTravel Detective
  • Total Reach: 1,900,000+
  • Blog Reach: 20,000+
  • Instagram: 4,000+
  • Facebook: 11,000+
  • Twitter: 233,000+
  • Pinterest: 4,000+
  • Google+: 1,600,000+


travel blogger ken kaminesky

#4) Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky co-founded Dream Photo Tours last year as a way to share his love for travel and photography. Prior to this venture, he spent over 15 years shooting commercial lifestyle images for stock photo agencies like Jupiterimages, Corbis, and Getty Images.

  • Blog: Ken Kaminesky Blog
  • Total Reach: 733,000+
  • Facebook: 11,000+
  • Twitter: 106,000+
  • Instagram: 14,000+
  • Google+: 613,000+


travel blogger laurence noah

#5) Laurence Norah

Laurence started Finding the Universe after growing weary of the corporate life back in 2010. After cataloguing his chronicles for the past few years, he met Jessica, another popular travel blogger who manages Independent Travel Cats, and the two have been traveling as a pair and experiencing “what the world has in store” ever since.

  • Blog: Finding the Universe
  • Total Reach: 684,000+
  • Instagram: 47,000+
  • Facebook: 617,000+
  • Twitter: 15,000+


travel blogger nienke krook

#6) Nienke Krook

Nienke grew up in the Netherlands with an archaeologist/photographer dad and cartographer mom, who instilled in her a love for travel at a very young age. She and travel companion Nick Vullings have been to over 36 countries together! Nienke has separated herself as one of our top Pinterest users on this list with over 500,000 followers!

  • BlogThe Travel Tester
  • Total Reach: 568,000+
  • Blog Reach: 23,000+
  • Instagram: 2,000+
  • Facebook: 2,000+
  • Twitter: 5,000+
  • Pinterest: 533,000+


michael hodson

#7) Michael Hodson

Michael is an attorney who decided on his birthday in 2008 that he was going to circumnavigate the globe without ever leaving the ground. After “16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries,” he succeeded, and continues to travel around the globe.

  • BlogGo See Write
  • Total Reach: 351,000+
  • Blog Reach: 30,000+
  • Instagram: 10,000+
  • Facebook: 132,000+
  • Twitter: 41,000+
  • Pinterest: 11,000+
  • Google+: 125,752


travel blogger jonathan look

#8) Jonathan Look, Jr.

Like many other bloggers on our list, Jonathan sold everything he owned in 2011 and dedicated his life to traveling the world. However, he’s unique in that he is a self-professed Baby Boomer who is striving to show his generation that it’s not too late to fulfill your lifelong dreams. Jonathan is also unique on this list is that while he may be one of the older bloggers, he has the top followership on Vine!

  • Blog: Life Part 2
  • Total Reach: 196,000+
  • Blog Reach: 4,000+
  • Instagram: 6,000+
  • Facebook: 10,000+
  • Vine: 119,000+
  • Twitter: 45,000+
  • Google+: 12,000+


travel blogger denis lynn

#9) Denis and Lynn Gagnon

Denis and Lynn have the distinction on our list of focusing on how to achieve luxurious travel experiences. For over 45 years, they have been circling the globe and being former international business travelers, they know how to travel with “class, comfort, and style.” Looking to plan a sophisticated vacation in the near future? Follow these two for some great advice.

  • Blog: BonVoyageurs
  • Total Reach: 168,000+
  • Instagram: 12,000+
  • Facebook: 19,000+
  • Twitter: 137,000+


travel blogger clint johnson

#10) Clint Johnson

Clint has been to over 80 countries himself, all while living up to his personal goal of never paying full price. He is dedicated “travel hacker” and has figured out how to travel on a very limited budget, all across the world. Check out his blog to learn about money-saving travel tips!

  • BlogTriphackr
  • Total Reach: 161,000+
  • Blog Reach: 89,000+
  • Instagram: 26,000+
  • Facebook: 7,000+
  • Twitter: 45,000+

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