Everyone Has Influence.
What’s Yours?

With TapInfluence, you can:

Earn Money

by creating and sharing brand-sponsored content with your followers. Avoid the hassle of negotiating rates up front or invoicing at the end. Everything is handled in our platform.

Choose Brands

based on your own values and interests. You’re in control, you decide what you want to work on, or not.

Build Your Image

as a thought leader in your vertical. Increase your audience base and develop your point of view.

What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is a person who is a creator, a storyteller. Someone who creates valuable blog or social media content. Why the name? Because that content attracts loyal followers who are searching for inspiration, instruction, entertainment, or advice. Engaging followers in this way gives you the power to move them to action.

How it works:

1. Join & Complete Your Profile

2. Marketers Select You

3. Create and Distribute Content

4. Get Paid

Brands are looking to partner with influencers who can help them communicate with consumers in an authentic way. TapInfluence forges this connection, putting you in front of hundreds of top brands who are eager to tap into the power of your influence.

“With Tapinfluence we actually have the ability to examine an offer and decide whether a product or service is something we can truly support.”

- Bob Mantz,

“They pay bloggers what they are worth, they are super responsive when you need help, and they pay on time. All of these things add up to me being incredibly happy with my experience working for them.”

- Kim Beaulieu,

“TapInfluence introduced us to some incredible brands to work alongside, creating unique stories and diving into ever-challenging opportunities. I say that with the utmost confidence as every time a company reaches out, it’s a new journey.”

- Richard Melick,