Holly Hamann - June 9, 2015

Top 5 Brands on Pinterest

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Since 2010, Pinterest has been attracting creators, designers, and artists to its photo sharing social network. Not long after, brands began evaluating the website to determine what kind of investment they should make in the platform, and many e-commerce and retail businesses decided that Pinterest could potentially be their most important social venture. As Pinterest has matured to include “rich pin” features like prices, recipes, real-time product availability information, and more, that very well could be true. Here are a few stats that indicate how important Pinterest is for brands:

  • 29% of users have purchased something after sharing/favoriting on Pinterest1
  • 47% of Pinterest users have made a purchase based on a recommendation from the platform2
  • Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without3
  • Pinterest drives 300% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook4

So, who are the top brands on Pinterest who are leveraging this powerful platform? See our Top 5 list below.

L.L. Bean

Followers: 5.2 million

Pins: 1,740

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/llbean/

With Pinterest boards like “Take Me Fishing,” “Woodland Creatures,” and “Rustic Living,” you might think that you landed on your crazy Uncle Bob’s page (you know, that uncle who cut off all contact with your family to live off the land in Patagonia) but that’s the genius of what L.L. Bean has created on Pinterest. Mixed in with boards featuring their products are awesome outdoorsy pictures that create a healthy combination of non-promotional and promotional posts. L.L. Bean’s strategy of sharing pictures that appeal to their core customer base has clearly paid off as they have attracted over 5.2 million followers and counting.

top brands on pinterest


Followers: 4.4 million

Pins: 24,958

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/nordstrom/

Nordstrom has amassed over 4 million followers on Pinterest with almost 70 boards focused on things like holidays, gift ideas, fitness, and DIY. They are also one of the most prolific-pinning brands, with over 25,000 pins.  Their sheer volume of pins (many of which point back to their website to aid sales), combined with their creative boards, make them one of the top traditional retail brands on the social network.

top brands on pinterest


Followers: 3.4 million

Pins: 4,000

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/lowes/

If you love remodeling homes and DIY projects, Lowe’s is your dream Pinterest page. From “Ultimate Man Caves” to “How You How-To,” there are plenty of ideas for your next renovation project. Tip: If you’re significant other has already remodeled the guest bathroom 3 times this year, you may want to keep them away from this page.

top brands on pinterest

Everyday Health

Followers: 3.6 million

Pins: 10,767

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/everydayhealth/

Of our Top 5 Pinterest Brands, Everyday Health is the only one predominantly focused on healthy living. Their top boards include “Weight Loss Success Stories,” “Healthy Food Recipes,” and “Inspirational Quotes,” all of which are designed to inspire you to start living a healthier life today. If you need some inspiration to get back in shape or create a more health-sustaining diet, this is the page for you.

top brands on pinterest


Followers: 600,000

Pins: 12,900

Pinterest Page: https://www.pinterest.com/etsy/

Unlike most of the other brands in the Top 5, Etsy is an e-commerce-only business that has built their brand entirely online. Though Etsy has made a large investment on Pinterest with almost 13,000 pins, they have seen exponentially more organic pinning by encouraging their users to market themselves, and their products, on the site. If you are an online-only brand seeking to generate more traffic to your e-commerce site, you might want to take a few cues from Etsy.

top brands on pinterest

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